2017 Fall Bucketlist

It’s that time of year again… ¬†The time where pumpkin is almost included in any beverage or food item, the nights are darker, football is the sport of the season, and most importantly- the change of leaves are happening right before your eyes.

To help you celebrate, here is a bucketlist of activities for the fall:

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Generation Z- A Little Note To You

Take this note with an open heart, open mind, and realize that you are currently the young of the bunch. You have the GI Generation: (born between 1901-1926), the Mature Generation (born between 1927-1945), the Baby Boomers  Generation (born between 1946-1964), the X Generation (born between 1965-1980), the Millenniums  Generation (born between 1981-2000), and then you all- born after 2001- our Generation Z.

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