Why Some Wounds Take More Than A Lifetime To Heal, But Give You The Most Strength

They say, “Time Heals All Wounds,” but they, whoever they are- aren’t necessarily true or maybe have not experienced certain situations. This saying may apply to some things in life, but not all.

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I Thought About You Today

I thought about you today, but that is nothing new. 


You are so easy to think about. You’re the first person I think of when something bad happens, and the first person I think of when something good happens. I guess that’s because you used to be the first person I would tell anything and everything too. You were, that person- you were my person. 

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2017 Fall Bucketlist

It’s that time of year again…  The time where pumpkin is almost included in any beverage or food item, the nights are darker, football is the sport of the season, and most importantly- the change of leaves are happening right before your eyes.

To help you celebrate, here is a bucketlist of activities for the fall:

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Why You Should Celebrate Yourself Everyday

People need to realize that everyday you should be loved, not just on a birthday, or specific holiday.

There’s birthdays, confirmations, graduations, holidays, and more. But it’s only on your birthday that you get the appraisal of “hey this day is about you and happy birthday.” We are all humans, and humans need reassurance and gratification not just one day a year, or on the “important days.”

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Generation Z- A Little Note To You

Take this note with an open heart, open mind, and realize that you are currently the young of the bunch. You have the GI Generation: (born between 1901-1926), the Mature Generation (born between 1927-1945), the Baby Boomers  Generation (born between 1946-1964), the X Generation (born between 1965-1980), the Millenniums  Generation (born between 1981-2000), and then you all- born after 2001- our Generation Z.

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Why A Job Rejection Can Potentially Help You

Nothing is more exciting than getting that call or email back from 1 out of the 200 jobs you have applied for in the past two weeks. The excitement is so thrilling, it runs through your body. But, there’s nothing worse than getting the email that says, “Dear, ____  We appreciate your application and thank you for your interest in applying, but…” 

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