2017 Fall Bucketlist

It’s that time of year again…  The time where pumpkin is almost included in any beverage or food item, the nights are darker, football is the sport of the season, and most importantly- the change of leaves are happening right before your eyes.

To help you celebrate, here is a bucketlist of activities for the fall:

Go Apple Picking   

There is something about going to an apple orchard and picking your favorite kind of apples. Choose a day that the sun is shining, and the air is crisp, and it will be a day to remember. To top it all off- make sure you get enough apples for that homemade apple crisp or apple pie- delicious!
Trendy Fall is Back! 

Take a stroll to the stores and see what is new in the fashion industry. If you’re into the dark colors, this is your season.  If you are new to the fab fall look, don’t stres- Pinterest is your bff! Download the app and look up fall outfits to get an idea.

Grab those leg warmers you love, that beanie that matches your vest, and don’t forget your flannel!

Explore 2017 Fall Outfits

Open The Windows 

Wherever you are, home or in the car- open the windows. Let that breezy air come through and let it out. If you’re driving, have the windows down and your favorite playlist up. In your house, let the air come through the house to open it up. There is nothing like a beautiful Fall Sunday morning, the sun is shining and it’s about 75 degrees.

Autumn is a breath of fresh air. 

Take a Fall Drive 

As the leaves start to change color, there is nothing more beautiful than going for a drive (with those windows down) and experiencing the change of colors. When you are watching this scenery, you can think about the metaphor this shows.

It doesn’t matter how many times each season affects the leaves, makes them break, rip, change- when Fall comes again they will always change their colors. In life, it doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down, or how many times that you fail, what matters is that you’re able to stand tall and show your beautiful colors. 

Master Your Apple Pie Recipe 

After bringing home those fresh apples from your Apple Picking Adventure, there is nothing better than creating an apple pie. Bring your significant other, friends, or family and have everyone help (for this one, there’s never too many cooks in the kitchen).  Grab the old family recipe, or look one up quickly on Pinterest- and get cooking!

Then, when it’s all done and ready cut a slice, warm it up, and put a scoop of vanilla ice cream on it. Grab a favorite movie, some cozy blankets, and enjoy the rest of this fab fall evening!
Thanksgiving Is Near- Ah! 

It’s crazy to think that after three months of fall, another great holiday is here. For this particular holiday, think about what you are most thankful for.

Think about this past season, and year and what makes you most thankful. It’s not just sharing about what you’re thankful for on social media, but actually telling the people you love and care about.

What’s on your bucket list this Fall?

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