Home Away From Home

Ask Stephy: “I just moved to a new state but I feel like I am unhappy. But I’m not sure if I should give it more of a chance or try something else? The only thing is I’m not sure where else to go.”

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Hi! I know the feeling of anything new can be challenging. Before you think about moving, or feeling that you are truly unhappy- ask yourself, have you done every single thing to make your new change become part of your new life? Have you tried new things? Gone out? Talked to new people? Looked up fun things to do? If so, sometimes creating a new home is challenging. No matter what the age is, you grow up in a home, an then move and try to make temporary places become that new “home” figure. Give it time. Let yourself break into this new place, change does not happen overnight. Sometimes change defines who we are as a person. It challenges us and almost breaks us to a point where we don’t know if we can handle it anymore. But, this is when you prove your own self wrong. Prove that you can adapt to change, and whatever else life throws at you! You are YOU and you are GREAT!

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