Why You Should Celebrate Yourself Everyday

People need to realize that everyday you should be loved, not just on a birthday, or specific holiday.

There’s birthdays, confirmations, graduations, holidays, and more. But it’s only on your birthday that you get the appraisal of “hey this day is about you and happy birthday.” We are all humans, and humans need reassurance and gratification not just one day a year, or on the “important days.”

I believe that if people stopped for a moment to just acknowledge and cherish the wonderful people in their life, especially on days where it’s not expected, the world would become a more loving place. Appreciate the little things. Tell people about the little victories you won, or the battles you survived. Tell people about the accomplishments that you overcame and worked for, because nobody knows how hard it took you to accomplish them or work for them.

Nothing in this world is permanent, especially a guaranteed “next” birthday. Every minute of every day is unknown, and you shouldn’t learn the hard way that there is no time like the present. Enjoy today. Be happy. Be proud of yourself for whatever you are going through. Instead of waiting until that next birthday, let the people in your life that you love know that you love them and that you are proud of them and that you could never imagine life without them. Time is the only thing that is irreplaceable. What you do in the next hour, you can never get that hour back. Don’t waste time. Express to others how you feel, how great and important they are. You deserve to be praised, you deserve to be happy, you deserve to feel important- remember that.

Birthday’s are a reminder that we are lucky to have survived another year, and a reminder that our time is limited. So don’t wait until it’s too late or for another birthday to pass by to realize what is truly important in life. Don’t wait to send that paragraph following the Happy Birthday to tell someone how great they are, or how much you love them.

Pick up your phone, I know it’s right next to you anyways, send that text. It’ worth it, I promise.



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