How To Embrace Being Single

Hey, you reading this. Guess what time it is? It’s time to focus on YOU.

Being single can make you feel many types of ways. It can make you feel alone (at least when everyone around us is in a relationship), superior (I don’t need anyone to make me happy, I make myself happy), sad (why doesn’t anyone like me?), worried (will i ever have a boyfriend/girlfriend), and more.


I know what you’re thinking. Stop with the “cliche” sayings. Like, “everything happens for a reason.” – we get it. But, I’m serious. Time focused on yourself is the best time well spent. Every minute you spend in life, you can’t get it back. Make sure it’s worth while. Being single- the world is yours! You want to go out with friends 5 nights a week- Do it. You want to move to a new city-  Do it. You want to go back to school to finally be a chef that you have dreamed about your whole life- Do it. Lost dreams are only from a list of reasons as to “why you can’t” do something. You can do anything you put your mind too- believing in yourself is half the battle.


Embrace this “you” time- nobody else deserves it, it’s all about YOU.

You get to discover who you are


How great. You get to focus on yourself, and discover who you are by trying a whole bunch of new things. You get to make all of your own decisions (without having  to ask, or double check with someone), you get to be you. Enough on agreeing on vacation spots, restaurants, what shows to watch tonight, it’s all about you, and what you want.

I found out  that I’m a significantly happier person when I focus on myself. I love laughing, smiling, and being with people. I’m a people person- but I like to have my alone time. Nothing like watching a good Netflix series, or binge watch Shameless,

it’s my choice- mine. 

You are strong, and you don’t need someone to stand beside you to help you stand tall, stand up- and be you.

You are beautiful, you are strong, you are so worth it! So many things are easier with two people involved: household chores, and, well yeah that’s all I got. Maybe these everyday tasks that you used to split with your significant other falls onto you- okay. It may be overwhelming, but you will quickly learn to depend on yourself, you’ll learn how to fix that flat tire, or unclog the sink- you will learn how to cook that meatloaf that She used to make, or learn how to take the subway without help from him- you will do it.

You don’t need a companion to remind you that you’re beautiful, that you’re important, that you’re loved- you already are all of the above and more!

Do you hear that? It’s called self-self-confidence. Because you just did that hard thing all by yourself,

yes, (even if  you hired someone to come help you fix the sink). You did it.

Now, sit down on a Thursday night, grab something to drink (your choice, well because duh.) Turn on Netflix and search for the show, Scandal. If you’ve ever watched this show, then welcome back!  If you haven’t, you’re welcome. Go channel your Olivia Pope badass within yourself, because you have got this single situation handled.

You are good enough.

Say it out loud, multiple times, everyday.


The future holds so much- Don’t worry!

Look forward to all the things that lie ahead, but don’t rush! Cherish this alone time, your room is all yours, you can binge watch tv shows, go out with friends, and still do fun things with friends anytime you want too, enjoy that.

I’m not against relationships, heck everyone around me usually is in a relationship- and I’m just “alone” as people call it. I’m not alone, I’m with myself. I’m focusing on what makes me happy, because that’s what matters most- my happiness. Make sure you love yourself, before someone else loves you.  I’m absolutely excited to find love someday- But I’ve learned so much from being single, for 7,687 days – last counted since September 15th, made some astonishing history (yes), added a few more days (woo)- but seriously, I’ve learned a lot. I am a better person for myself, and others. I cherish my alone time, but also know how to have fun with family and friends. I take full advantage of being single, because it’s my life. There is no our, or us yet. It’s me, myself, and I. 🙂

Enjoy it while it lasts, go grab that drink with your friends, and then get another. Drink it all up, don’t let a single drop go to waste!



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