Generation Z- A Little Note To You

Take this note with an open heart, open mind, and realize that you are currently the young of the bunch. You have the GI Generation: (born between 1901-1926), the Mature Generation (born between 1927-1945), the Baby Boomers  Generation (born between 1946-1964), the X Generation (born between 1965-1980), the Millenniums  Generation (born between 1981-2000), and then you all- born after 2001- our Generation Z.

I was born in 1994- a weird time because I remember Barney, the bands that were popular so that when a throwback comes on the radio- I know the lyrics. The best part of your day was figuring out a funny away message on your AOL (aim account). Playing MASH was not only a fun game, but you sometime believed the outcome.

The only iPod you owned was this…90s-kids-memes-11-the-original-ipod

You begged your parents to drive you to Blockbuster to rent these…


(but don’t forget to rewind before returning!!)

You watched the legend on tv…e01411e5a782ba1f9891fd6794fb307a

That’s Michael Jordan.

The reason why it’s important to take in the past- is because our present and future is all surrounded by touch screens, social media, and hover boards. Now yes- this new generation we are surrounded by with electronics, Apple taking over, etc. is great- it’s also sad. Just remember- it was not always like that.

We didn’t always have the resources you have now- it’s all different. Instead of downloading a book onto your iPad, or Kindle- I owned a library card where I went to the library, rented the book, and had to return it by a certain date.

To the next generation (and my future children), you should not be spoiled, or unimaginative. Turn off the iPad, iPod, tv, kindle, nook, iPhone, whatever you have and go outside. Go outside and create a fake game, with fake players, and have fun. I’m a people watcher- I watch everyone around me and see how they interact sometimes. In a restaurant parents give their children their electronics so they will behave, with small to hardly no conversation at all. You go into a school and everyone is walking with their heads down, focused on their iPhone.

When I came home from school in middle school, I would finish my homework, play a little, then call my best friend on my house phone. I always heard when my parents were eavesdropping because the other line would pick up- and my Mom would say, “Stephanie I need the phone.”

(embarrassing, right?)

Look around at the beauty in front of you! You will never see it the same, in that moment, ever again- that’s the beauty. Social media is great- but don’t base your persona on how many likes you got on a picture, how many followers you have, how many retweets or favorites- social media is great for networking and being with friends- but don’t let it define you.


That’s the beauty of being a kid, having the ability to go out play and see the world with brand new eyes. The opportunity of being young and ignorant, is one of the greatest gifts someone can have in this world. Have some fun in this messy world.

You are in a unique position because you grew up with a lot of things that I never had.The truth is we can never be who we used to be. All we can do is try and do better and be better. And that is how we got to today.

Today- Whatever keeps that brain thinking, leave it on! Don’t let these new things take over your life. Don’t forget what got you here- it was the dedication and pain of so many incredible people.

Go out, be creative- and keep thinking, have an imagination. Don’t ever stop.



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