Why A Job Rejection Can Potentially Help You

Nothing is more exciting than getting that call or email back from 1 out of the 200 jobs you have applied for in the past two weeks. The excitement is so thrilling, it runs through your body. But, there’s nothing worse than getting the email that says, “Dear, ____  We appreciate your application and thank you for your interest in applying, but…” 

Yes-you feel like someone just baked you a chocolate cake, put it right in front of you, and then took it away right when you grabbed the fork. You probably feel so many different emotions- you find yourself recalling every single phone call, email sent, interview, etc. that you have had with this person and/or company. You think back to where it could have gone wrong. Was it the outfit you wore to the interview? You start thinking back to any possibly reason as to why you didn’t get the job- your mind rambles.

The next worst part is probably a parent, sibling, relative, or friend saying those 9 words: “So what happened to that job you applied for?” Yep, your heart is in your stomach

We can all agree that job rejection is shitty, but unfortunately a part of life. And then you have to hear people around you, “Oh well they don’t deserve you.” “You’ll get the next one.” “You never get the first job you apply for, keep searching.” If you are reading this an never have experienced a job rejection, you will one day. And if you are reading this and have experienced it- it will go on.

1. Failure does not define who you are.

Failure is a scary, disappointing, and upsetting thing. But don’t think of this as a failure, but another opportunity to try somewhere else. Taking a job rejection makes you get personal with yourself, makes you think about ‘what is wrong with you.’ Do not let this rejection define you- but instead let it make you get back up 10x stronger and keep going. Keep fighting harder that the next interview you accomplish you knock it out of the park. Remember- you are valuable and worth something!

You Might Have Been Rejected- But You Still Have Value

Food for thought- a job rejection should never question your personality, goals, life dreams, self-worth, etc. Stop placing your personality, self-wroth, persona in the hands of someone else- giving them the power to determine if you are ‘good enough’. Do yourself a favor and repeat this out loud now.

1. I am good enough.

2. I have what it takes to be great.

3. I can achieve anything that I put my heart too.

4. I will always believe in myself, even when others don’t and doubt me.

5. Tomorrow is a new day- and it will be great.


2. Say goodbye to the old, in with the new

I understand that you are going to contemplate the job rejection for a few days, but once you are done thinking, say goodbye.

Go to your inbox, go to the email, and press delete. I know that when you finally get that interview for a good job, you get hooked. Good jobs are not easy to find, and especially when you think you killed the interview, looked awesome, and felt good! But, when we get this feeling, we already imagined ourself in the position. No matter how “great” the job seems, every job has a downfall. A part of the job that you may not like. So before you fall in love with the job, keep your eyes open, options available, and remember to not get hooked right away- it will help!

Maybe the job you thought was “perfect” was not a good fit for you

3. Time Was Not Wasted

When you think of the rejection, you think that you wasted your time. You think that the past two months of interviews, prep work, fixing your resume, buying a new outfit was all a waste of time. Don’t think like that! It was practice- it was preparation for the next interview you have. Think of this time of your life has stepping stones. Each stone you are getting better at the task, and on the way to success. Think about what you have learned from what you experienced from this particular interview. Make a list of the pros and cons. Maybe a question was asked to you and you didn’t know a good answer. Practice! Practice makes perfect. Work on all of your resources. Fix your resume, fix your LinkedIn, fix your connections, and get ready for the next one!  Take advantage of this time and always work to improve!

Remember, nothing about your job search is wasted, the rejection will be part of your experience  and will help you improve in the future! 



You are not a failure, your job rejection does not make you a failure, and failure does not define who you are. “Failures are part of life. If you don’t fail, you don’t learn. If you don’t learn, you’ll never change.” 



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