Why your Twenties are the Best and Worst Years of your Life

Ah, yes.. as the saying goes- “I wish I was in my twenties again.” But, do you really?

This monumental time in your life where you have no idea who you are, no idea where you are going, no idea what you are doing- it’s wonderful.

Did I mention how in this generation now, the ‘hook up culture’ is the new “relationship,” and that STD rates probably increased dramatically- ah yes what a time to be alive. The time where you go to the bar, most likely get drunk, go home with someone, and then wake up the next morning and don’t even remember their name, true beauty. Then, you go out again the following week, do the same thing precisely except one slight change- you find someone new to go home with. You’re telling me you wouldn’t want to be part of the absolute worst, terrible, and disgusting idea of all time- “the hook up culture?” AND if you are the luckiest person on this planet, the person you bring home may actually want to take you on a real date. One in a million they become your boyfriend or girlfriend, and ha if you end up getting married- well you’re a new statistic.

I mean, your 20s are a time of exploring life. Exploring what life has to offer, what you might want to offer to life, etc.

Here are 5 reasons why your twenties could possibly turn out to be the best part about your life:


  1. The energy and motivation you have to try something different, new, stupid, come up with an idea to do with friends, etc. is endless. You will be able to go out until 4 am, but have to wake up by 8 for work the next morning. You might even make that terrible decision to show up to work so hungover after a wedding per say, but you just make it work.
  2. AH, yes- no commitment. Commitment is that terrible “C” word nobody ever wants to use. No, not that other C word take your head out of the gutter, but this C word scares every single person in their twenties. I guess this could be a good thing- no commitment to anyone or anything because you’re independent, and even if you are in a relationship- you don’t have to settle right away.
  3. Going off of number 2, it’s all about you. There are no kids to worry about, if you’re single there is no other “better half,” it’s all about you. If you want to go out with friends and have an unbelievable time- go for it. You want to stay in and watch netflix with a tub of ice cream? Yes! It’s all about you- it’s great.
  4. You come up with some of the most radical ideas that can ever cross your mind- you’re a thinker and a dreamer and this is all good. You might come up with the most unrealistic life plan that you can possibly think of- but you still believe it, and believe in it, and possibly might actually make it happen.
  5. You can be whoever you want to be- and that, is everything.

Now, this all seems really, really great. But there is a small downside to all of these positives.

  1. The energy and motivation you have is great yes, but you can’t even get up and go to the gym, then go to work, and come  home at 5 o clock with out having a mini heart attack about 10 times throughout the day because your body can’t handle being a real person.
  2. No commitment? Great! So the guy or girl you have been sleeping with for the bast 6 months has not asked you out yet- don’t feel bad, it’s just a commitment issue. Which I guess can be a positive and a negative depending on the type of person you are. If you don’t like commitment, then it’s awesome! But, if you are looking for your future husband or wife- you are quite frankly shit out of luck. Which brings me to my next point, the hook up culture. Welcome to 2016. Where you can sleep with someone and not even have to know their name! What a time to be alive!
  3. You will lose people that you thought you would never be able to live without- it sucks. End of college and the start of your life in your twenties will really test friendships out. It’s a sucky feeling when you put your heart into a friendship and it doesn’t last. Just remember that maybe some people were just part of the first couple of chapters in life, and not meant to stay till the finale- and that is okay.
  4. You will make some mistakes, but just remember that you can learn from all of them and still become a quite decent human being. Don’t stress- it’s going to be okay, i promise.
  5. You will think that the path you are taking in life at some point is not worth it, you will get discouraged, fail, want to switch majors senior year of college, you might even want to just do nothing for a short amount of time- cool- do it! whatever you do, do it with heart. Remember that you might feel like you aren’t good enough for whatever you are doing, and that is okay. Have that feeling for ab out 5 minutes, then after that take your hand, raise it right next to your head, and then slap yourself in the face. You will do something great- believe in yourself and you are halfway there.

Just remember- your twenties might actually be the worst time of your life, or it could be the best- but most likely a mixture of both.

Just promise me one thing, it’s important to remember a little note like this that can help you tremendously in the nearby future- get the name of the person you are sleeping with- stop being rude.

Happy twenties!



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